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I’m Tracey. I’m a 28-year-old health writer stuck in the body of a not-so-nimble 85-year-old. That’s a lie. I have the knees of an octogenarian, but the rest of me is fairly functional, or so I like to think.

Before they were kaput, my knees helped me scale a glacier and rappel down canyons in New Zealand, climb Notre Dame, traipse around Rome, and shop many a mall on the East Coast. Back then, I was like a superhero. Now, an outing for me involves close parking and plenty of seats. On a positive note, I’m a pro at turning anything—a window ledge, fire hydrant, or newspaper kiosk—into a de facto chair.

In the past year, I’ve felt my knee swell to twice its size, protest after walking half a block, and become red hot with anger as I stood to brush my teeth. I’ve spent countless nights icing, then heating, then shooting electric pulses into my nerves. Here’s what I’ve learned: I know a heck of a lot about knee pain.

So I decided to create this blog with hopes that other people can benefit from all of the digging I’ve done—and will continue to do. Lucky you.

You can read my entire story on this page.

Tracey Travel

I’ll also write about nutrition, fitness, and the emotional aspects of feeling not so hot most of the time. I’ve learned that being healthy doesn’t happen by spot-treating injured areas and the best way to avoid future aches and pains (you know, when I’m really 85) is to realize that I’m not superhuman.*

*Well, except for the superhuman mental strength it takes to wake up every morning and fight for a pain-free future.

Have a question? Want to share your story? Just want to say hello? E-mail me at tracey (at) notsuperhuman (dot) com.

You should know…
I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. Consider the information on this site a useful resource, but talk with your doctor if you’re thinking of changing treatments, altering your current treatment, or doing any other medical-related stuff. In the end, how you treat your aches and pains are between you and someone with an MD after their name.

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