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Broccoli & Cheese Potato Skins


I’ve been looking for meals that fit into my diet but also are Man friendly. This is not as easy a feat as it sounds, especially considering his penchant for McDonald’s double cheeseburgers.

I bribed him with bar food: potato skins.

Yes, potato skins are usually fried.

Yes, they’re usually loaded with bacon.

And, yeah, they’re usually topped with heaps of cheese and sour cream.

Don’t tell The Man.


These were baked and topped with chopped broccoli and some goat cheddar. And baked until the broccoli is crispy and roasted.


The perfect side: roasted asparagus.

I can happily say The Man ate the entire meal without once complaining about the lack of animal products. That’s what I call a minor miracle.

So I’m still taking questions for next week’s post. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments.

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1 Heather C { 06.03.11 at 9:55 am }

Yum, I love roasted asparagus. It sounds like feeding the man is somewhat similar to getting my two boys to eat healthy stuff. They would much rather have fries or pizza but I find that if I put cheese on something, I can usually get them to try it.


2 Amy B @ Second City Randomness { 06.03.11 at 10:10 am }

Those look awesome! Potato skins are something I rarely order at the bar just because they’re not the first thing I think of, but when others do? I’m never disappointed…

And seriously- who doesn’t love the broccoli and cheese thing you’ve got going on here? It’s an awesome combo!


3 Alina { 06.03.11 at 10:51 am }

That looks SO good! Did you roast everything together?


4 Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons { 06.03.11 at 11:16 am }


This is one of my fav things to make ;) delish!


5 Clarissa { 06.03.11 at 2:49 pm }

Awesome!! I only like broccoli if it’s stir-fried and with some kind of asian sauce. not sure what that is about. But I’m all about the potatoes!


6 nance { 06.03.11 at 9:19 pm }

Hey these look great…think I’ll try them. Your asparagus looks so much better than mine ever does. Nicely done!


7 Leslie { 06.04.11 at 9:28 pm }

Such a great idea. Now wondering what these would taste like with rice cheese. Guess I’ll have to try it out!


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