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The Everything-Free Diet: How It Looks

When I embarked on this new diet, I had a hard time getting into a pattern of eating. I mostly ate quesadillas because, really, what else do you eat when you can’t eat anything? The longer I’ve been on the diet, the easier it is to come up with new meal ideas. So I thought I’d spend today and tomorrow photographing my food for you.

This is how someone eats on a gluten-free, sugar-free vegan diet (that allows goat cheese). Note: I may have gotten better at this, but I’m nowhere near someone who can A. cook well and B. stand for a long period of time in order to cook.

DSC_0065Grits with diced red pepper, goat cheddar, and green pepper sauce.

Ah, breakfast. This was a bit different for me, and really a result of us having nothing else in the house. The Man was home in the morning, so he was able to make something for me that took a bit of time.

DSC_0083Farm-fresh strawberries

When The Man went to the grocery store in the afternoon, he came home with strawberries from a local farm. I had more than a handful of these. It was like an explosion of sweetness in my mouth. I’m pretty sure we’ll need to restock later this week.

Photo on 2011-05-23 at 19Me forgetting to take a photo of lunch.

So about my idea of photographing every meal… Yeah, I forgot about lunch. Rookie mistake. How about I describe it to you instead? Start with a plate. Add a bunch of sprouts to the center. Fill the rest of the plate with chopped cucumber. Top it all off with one tomato, sliced thin. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Can’t you just see it now? Er, if you can’t, just pretend. I ate the salad with some gluten-free pretzels and a guava kombucha. GUAVA KOMBUCHA! Sorry, I had to shout that. I’ve been waiting for my Whole Foods to carry it and yesterday was that day. In case you’re wondering, it’s worth the wait.

DSC_0095Greek salad with cucumber, tomato, green pepper, kalamata olives, and goat cheddar in an olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing.*

The Man worked late last night so we didn’t get to prepare dinner until around 10. (I burned earlier in the night, so I wasn’t motivated to make my dinner earlier.) Which meant I didn’t want anything complicated. Plus, I love Greek salads. True, this was a slight variation on my favorite—I prefer sheep or goat’s milk feta, but I was out so goat cheddar it was—but it was still good.

You better believe I followed this up with a large quantity of strawberries.

And that’s it, guys. I did want to make one last note: I realize this doesn’t add up to a ton of calories. And, truthfully, most days this is about the amount I eat. But before you start comparing yourself, remember how few calories I’m expending.

On a good day, I’m walking to and from the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Each of you out there gets more exercise than me when you walk into work or grocery shop or walk to your car and back, so naturally you’ll need way more calories to get by. If I could be more active, I’d definitely eat more calories.


How about a random question today? If you had to choose between going sky diving and swimming with the sharks (literally, not in the mafia sense of the phrase), which would you pick?

*Ah, night photos, how you look so terrible.

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1 Clarissa { 05.25.11 at 10:44 am }

Wednesday! I am also on this “everything-free” diet. Although no cheese for me and mostly nothing cooked or white (including rice and rice flour products)- except for dinner where I can have cooked veggies, turkey and red meat.

I miss all the delicious melty goodness that is pizza and other things, but it turns out to be pretty easy when I narrow down what I can and cannot eat. And most days a few fruit smoothies, a salad and green juice is good enough. I find that I’m not STARVING before meals anymore, because my blood sugar levels have normalized somewhat.

**Skydiving. I plan on doing it sometime this summer!


Tracey Reply:

I was wondering what you would say since your diet’s like the Everything-Free Diet Squared. Glad it’s getting easier though!


2 Kelly { 05.25.11 at 11:08 am }

Sky diving…definitely sky diving.


3 Carly { 05.25.11 at 11:22 am }

Neither? If I had to choose, probably sky diving. Open water and sharks would paralyze me.


4 Amy B @ Second City Randomness { 05.25.11 at 12:04 pm }

At least you can find ways to get creative with what you’ve got to work with!

I’ve started to love greek salad because of my new obsession with olives. It’s out of control.


Tracey Reply:

I love olives. I have a healthy obsession with them, except not the green ones. Ick.


5 J { 05.25.11 at 1:23 pm }

Well, I honest (too honestly) lie down or sit all day. No lie. A walk to the bathroom, mayb a shower.
But I eat a TON more than that….how do people do it? I just don’t understand.
Im not hungry…but I still eat a ton ton evey day, 6x.
At least eat more grains…brown rice flour bread from Food For Life is amazing.

I’ll never understand these elimination diets. I just don’t get into them…even if they might medically help me!


Tracey Reply:

Here’s how I avoid eating all day long: My feet swell and burn, so I can’t get up and go to the kitchen whenever I have a craving.

I never understood how people could eliminate so many foods until I spent most of my days in pain. It’s a great motivator.

I do eat grains, usually brown rice, quinoa, or Udi’s bread. :)


Baking 'n' Books Reply:

Oh and I’m OBSESSED with their Carrot Cake! So good. Has sugar though so I guess that’s not for you – more for me :)


Baking 'n' Books Reply:

Don’t compare yourself to others. Listen to your own doctors and the people around you because everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for another and people have different medical histories.


6 Nicole, RD { 05.25.11 at 2:51 pm }

Sky diving!

I wish I ate as many salads as you. I swear, I’m still on a salad boycott after getting soooo burnt out on them in college. I ate salad 2 meals a day for years and now they just don’t interest me as much. Still love’em, but not as a meal usually. Darn college ruining salads for me!!


7 Heather C { 05.25.11 at 3:09 pm }

I am wondering where the “foot” picture is? Ha, ha, just kidding. Don’t you hate those typo’s spell check can’t find.

As for the shark/skydiving connundrum, I think I would go for the sharks because I am pretty sure skydiving would not be good for my back. Although knowing my tempermental spine, I am sure it would find some way to make being bouyant in water still painful.


8 Suzy { 05.25.11 at 4:37 pm }

skydiving. Sharks and alligators top my “fears” list…even though I live nowhere near the ocean or bayou. I even flinch when Bruce shows up in Finding Nemo. So yeah, just throw me out of the plane.


9 Katie @ peacebeme { 05.25.11 at 5:21 pm }

just have to say that not being able to stand on your feet long enough to cook most days is so frustrating! I am right there with you on that one.

I have to tell you my story about skydiving: three years ago I was scheduled to go with my boyfriend (now fiancé). I was nervous all week. He had been trying to convince me for a long time to go with them. 10 min. before we were set to leave the apartment, we got a call from the skydiving company canceling our appointment. At the time they said it was too windy. My fiancé asked if we could reschedule, and they said they would have to call us back. They were really weird about it. Come to find out the next day in the newspaper that two people died on the flight that went up before our scheduled flight, including the instructor who was supposed to go with us. ( this was at the same company) I took this as a sign that I shouldn’t go skydiving! it still freaks me out to think about -we probably would have seen those people coming down.


10 Kayla @ Fitter Than Choc { 05.25.11 at 8:31 pm }

Tell me all about goat cheese! I love them too:) That aside, I think I’d rather skydive than swim with the sharks. I have this phobia of swimming in the open sea; I’m afraid sharks might bite off my legs while I’m swimming. Sounds dumb, I know! That’s the only thing that’s stopping me from doing a tri.


11 Lu @ A Mix of it All { 05.25.11 at 10:09 pm }

Skydiving. No doubt about it. I’ve been once before and it was the most exhilarating moment of my life. Sharks bite.


12 Jess@atasteofconfidence { 05.26.11 at 7:37 pm }

Definitely sky diving!


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