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The Importance of Today

Sistersphoto by jeremyok
Only we weren’t blonde.

I was just about to tell you to mark this day down when I realized its importance is meaningless to every single one of you. Except The Man. He generally agrees with me when it comes to ranking things in order of importance. (For instance, he wholeheartedly agrees that bread pudding is the best dessert ever, even counting chocolate cake which is pretty amazing. He also agrees that the apple tart we had twice on our honeymoon was the only non-bread pudding dessert to ever take the No. 1 spot.)

So where was I before I got off on that amazingbestestever apple tart tangent? Oh, right, today. And how it’s really important because it’s the first time in all of my years living in the DC area that my younger sister has visited. No, she’s not a hermit. No, she’s not afraid of driving or flying. Yes, she works retail and doesn’t get weekends off. Yes, I’ve been up to visit her a bunch of times even though she never set foot on Virginia soil. (Yes, I’ll be rubbing this in the entire weekend.)

I’m not sure yet what we’re all going to do this weekend. What with my gimpy can’t-walk-anywhere knees and my sister’s funky can’t-eat-anything stomach we’re like a really, really, like ridiculously good-looking geriatrics ward. (And yes I love Zoolander and quote it abundantly and often.) It might involve a lot of sitting around hungry. Or her running laps around me while I eat. We’ll see.

So now, before we go have so much fun you’ll be jealous—unless you’re doing something like going to the beach, in which case I’m jealous—I’ll leave you with the Craziest Thing I Heard All Week. Straight from the mouth of my mother, who called me while packing for the trip.

MOM: Do you have eggs and cheese?


MOM: You sure? Because we can bring ours.

From Massachusetts. Five hundred miles. Oh, Mom.*

Let’s skip the routine “What are your weekend plans?” question today, shall we? Just for the sake of total randomness, tell me a silly childhood memory.

*No, she didn’t travel with the eggs and cheese. My sister and I talked her out of it.

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1 Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly { 04.17.10 at 12:19 pm }

No plans and that actually sounds really nice! Have fun with your fam this weekend!


2 Fit Chick in the City { 04.17.10 at 5:03 pm }

Sister’s are the best! I wish I was spending the weekend with mine!


3 Bella (Stilettos on the Streetcar) { 04.18.10 at 9:45 am }

I love the silly childhood memory question.

I was given a She-ra Princess of Power castle for Christmas when I was little. The Crystal Castle required quite a bit of assembly. My Dad offered to help set it up after breakfast. While making that generous offer his little girl had dumped all the box’s contents on the floor. I looked up, with my pigtails bouncing, and said “Don’t worry, Daddy. I can do it.”

Dad loves to tell this story. He says I’ve been independent since birth. :)


Tracey Reply:

Bella–That’s a great story. Wonder how long he let you try to set it up before helping. I think my dad would have been thrilled to not build another castle or Barbie house!


4 Nicole, RD { 04.18.10 at 11:35 pm }

Haha, that was classic! My mom has offered to come 700 miles to be with our puppy while she’s sick!! And she was DEAD SERIOUS! Oh mamas… :) Hope you had a great weekend, Tracey!


Tracey Reply:

Nicole–That’s funny. I guess it’s just a mother thing!


5 Lauren @ OneDayataTime { 04.19.10 at 8:49 am }

I have so many childhood stories…especially ones with my sister. None at the top of my head though. I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your sister.


6 marie { 04.20.10 at 9:10 am }

My in-laws bring their own WATER. (despite our nearly endless supply of fridge water, bottled water, Brita water, mineral water and tap water.)


Tracey Reply:

Marie–I guess you can never have enough specialty water. :)


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