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In Which All Sorts of Randomness Ensues

3583748426_da7928345bphoto by esthereggy
This chocolatey, sugary goodness is kryptonite to my resolve.

Here we are: August 30, and my five-week beauty giveaway is over. Which means I’ll actually have to think of content next Monday. Good thing my brain cells are itchy to work by Sunday afternoon. (Funny, come Monday morning they go into rebellion. I think it has something to do with the word work.)

So, I asked you guys to ask me anything as part of your entry comments. Not that it got you any special treatment, but it makes things more fun. And if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you know I’m all about fun. At least most of the time.

Here’s what you’re wondering…

Teri asked, Who would win a fight between Jason Bourne and Sayid Jarrah?
You’d think I’d choose Sayid since my undying love of Lost is well documented on this blog. Basically, I was obsessed. The thing is, Sayid’s been so busy running from smoke monsters, hiking through the jungle, subsisting on Dharma peanut butter, and getting blown to shreds in a submarine that I have to say—Jason Bourne might have the upper hand. That is, if he can even find the island to fight Sayid in the first place.

Ameena said, What is your favorite book ever?
That’s like asking the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe to pick her favorite child. I will say, there are some I read as a kid that I’ll love forever: A Wrinkle in Time, Charlotte’s Web, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret, The Westing Game, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Secret Garden, Little Women, and Number the Stars. And To Kill A Mockingbird, but now I’m getting into my tween years, and this list is risking taking on a life of its own.

Heather C asks, Even though you are big into health and nutrition, do you have a food weakness that has you occasionally nutritionally slumming it?
Do I have a weakness? As in one? No.

I do, however, have a list of weaknesses. Most fall under the category dessert, which means all are sugar-loaded and often covered with chocolate. However, chocolate is brain food. It helps me think. Non-chocolate weaknesses include bread pudding, sugar cookies, peach pie and, yes, Sour Patch Kids. Movies are better with a pack of Sour Patch Kids.

Pretty much everyone seconded Shanna’s question: Where are all these goodies coming from?
I held up a Sephora.

Just kidding. Before I became a health writer, I was a beauty editor. And so I got a lot of great swag, plus Sephora gift cards. It’s called paying it forward. I expect to win a free tube of mascara sometime around my 50th birthday.

Jolene asked, How did you get started as a writer? What was your path like?
Twitter version: I went to school for journalism. #lotsofwriting #collegecostsmorethanaprivateisland

For more than 140 words on the topic, check out my answers to this question here and here. Oh, and anyone wondering, “How do I get started writing?” should click here.

Katie wants to know: If you were forced to get rid of one state in the country, which one would it be and why?
This is so easy: New Jersey. There are three main reasons for this.

A. Jersey Shore. The world would be a better place if this went off the air.

B. The Jersey Turnpike. Biggest time suck ever.

C. Driving through Jersey—when I’m going from my home in Virginia to my parents’ house in Massachusetts—takes just as long as getting through Virginia, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. (See B, above.) Seriously, that’s one long state.

Teresa asks, Should Lindsay Lohan sign up for Dancing with the Stars? Should DWTS want Ms. Lohan? Does anyone care about LL anymore? Did anyone ever?
No. Here’s what Lindsay Lohan should do: Gain 20 pounds, embrace her red hair, and act like an adult. This might lead to actual movie roles through which she will win back all of the people who thought she was a slice of awesome in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls.

Speaking of Teresa … She was No. 37.

Beauty Winner 5

Which means she’s the final winner of my beauty giveaway. (E-mail your full name and address to and I’ll ship it off!)

And that, my amazing readers, is all.

In the spirit of this Q&A post, I leave you with this hilariously random question to ponder in the comments: If you could delete one state from the country, which would you pick and why?

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August 30, 2010   18 Comments

Your Last Chance to Win Lots of Loot


Well, guys, this is it. This is the last week of beauty giveaways I’ve got for you. Which means you’re either

A. Excited we can move on to other topics on Monday, or

B. Sad you haven’t won so far

But don’t worry just yet. You have one more week to possibly win a really awesome package of beauty products. And because I’m feeling all sad that the giveaways are ending, I might throw in some extra treats for whoever wins this. Just so you know.

First, last week’s winner was No. 38, Katie. Send your full name and address to and I’ll get your loot out to you.


Alright. Let’s get right to it. Here’s what you can win:

  1. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream
  2. Creative Spa cucumber heel therapy cream
  3. Nefeli cellulite cream
  4. Prescriptives Anti-Age Advanced Protection Lotion with SPF 25
  5. Prescriptives Flawless Skin UVA/UVB SPF 15 makeup in gold
  6. Prescriptives Pressed Powder Leaves in Rose Baroque
  7. Liz Earle Eyebright soothing eye lotion
  8. Bare Eyes eye makeup remover
  9. Kerastase Soleil Hydrafresh UV hair protector
  10. Get Fresh bath salts in Fig & Peach Blossom
  11. Get Fresh travel candle in Fig & Peach Blossom
  12. Freeze 24/7 Ice Crystals anti-aging prep and polish, travel size
  13. Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Color in Posy
  14. Benefit Silky Powder eye shadow in Bossy
  15. Lorac lip gloss in Pink
  16. Annnd something extra but still special

There you go. Fifteen never-been-used items plus some extras I throw in. All for one lucky reader. Because I ♥ you.

As for entry, typical rules apply:

  • You can enter once a day until the contest ends
  • There are three ways to enter: Leave a comment, tweet about the contest (the link’s here:, or become a friend through Google Friend Connect
  • You can enter all three ways per day—or just one.
  • The contest will end Friday, Aug. 27.
  • I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Aug. 30.

Though any comment will get you an entry, here’s something to get you going: Remember my montly Q&A? You know, back in the old days? Let’s resurrect that for this contest. Leave any question (feel free to be as serious or goofy as you like) in the comments, and I’ll answer them this week in a later post.

Here are a few to get you started:

Now that you’ve done five beauty contests, will you hold a car giveaway next week?
Yes. It will be followed by a raffle for a free dream home and 1 gazillion dollars. I swear.

What’s your deepest, darkest secret?
I think nut butters are just okay. There, it’s out.

Is there anything that makes wolves cooler than humans? I mean, wolves that don’t turn into shirtless humans?
Honestly, I don’t’ think shirtless-human-slash-wolves are even cool. But the real ones? They have 200 million scent cells (compared to our 5 million). I’d say that’s kinda neat.

OK, guys … let the games begin.

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August 23, 2010   54 Comments

What? More Free Stuff?

Beauty Giveaway 4

Why hello, Monday. So we meet again. I do everything in my power to avoid you and yet here we are, hours after Sunday, and I’m staring you in the face again. Sigh.

Did everyone have a superawesomeamazing weekend? Did you do all sorts of fun things that make you dread The Monday? Yes, me too. I went to a wedding on Saturday and had the best wedding cake ever.

You know how wedding cake tends to be dry with gross frosting that’s all sorts of sugary—but in a bad way? Well this one was moist like it was baked that morning with frosting so buttery it almost melted. Come to find out, it was made by Duff and the gang at Charm City Cakes (from the show Ace of Cakes on the Food Network). Which totally makes sense seeing as the cake’s design was perfect.

I’d take photos of all this stuff, but I’m not so comfortable putting someone else’s life up here on these interwebs without permission. So just use your imagination, which is often more exciting than real life. Mkay?

In other news, we have a winner of last week’s Totally Awesome Beauty Package giveaway and a whole new contest for you to enter. In my typical Mean Girl fashion, I’m going to give you the details of the new contest before revealing the winner. Muaw ha ha ha.

Here’s what you can win this week. Remember, it’s all never-been-used and it all goes to one lucky woman or man. (Yes, I said man. Guys, go ahead and enter then either pass it on to your girlfriend/wife/mother/whatever or regift. Girls love presents.)

  1. Umberto Beverly Hills travel-sized volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and regular-hold hairspray
  2. Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil
  3. The Homestead Spa Buttercup Body Polish
  4. Fresh Orange Chocolate soap
  5. Nars blush in Luster
  6. Mally Perfecting Blush in Rosy Pink
  7. Laura Mercier mineral eye powder in Graphite
  8. Becca Glossy Lip Tint in Afterglow
  9. Estee Lauder lip shaping gloss pencil in Sheer Fuchsia
  10. Linden Leaves gold mist facial spritz
  11. Foot Petals Tip Toes
  12. Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose body cream (which, by the way, smells like Heaven)

So, previous weeks’ rules still apply:

  • You can enter once a day until the contest ends
  • There are three ways to enter: Leave a comment, tweet about the contest (the link’s here:, or become a friend through Google Friend Connect
  • You can enter all three ways—or just one.
  • The contest will end Friday, Aug. 20.
  • I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Aug. 23.

And that’s that. Oh, and last week’s winner is No. 12, Katie at Health for the Whole Self! E-mail me with your full name and address and I’ll get the goods out to you.

Giveaway3 Winner

Fodder for discussion (though any comment gets you an entry): If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one thing with you, what would it be? And don’t get all smart-alecky and say a boat. Or a cell phone. That’s cheating.

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August 16, 2010   47 Comments

Totally Awesome Beauty Giveaway, No. 3

Beauty Package 3

Yes, it’s time for Totally Awesome Beauty Package Contest No. 3. Yes, this week’s giveaway is made of 100 percent awesome.

Before we get to that, there’s this:

Hot Mama

Should you find yourself in a Blockbuster and in need of some food fast, try a Hot Mama pickle.* Sure, the bag of yellowish liquid looks eerily similar to a urine collection bag, but you’ll get over that. You’ll also get over the idea of Blockbuster video selling the pickle alongside gummy candy and jumbo buckets of popcorn.

Who can resist a thick, floating pickle?

I know what you’re thinking: What would you drink while eating a pickle-in-a-bag? Why, nothing other than crambberry juice, of course.**


So, yeah.

Moving on, thank goodness. I’m giving away another batch of beauty products this week. Whee!

Here are the 13 items you can win this week:

  1. Philosophy The Cookbook (a set of three scented soaps)
  2. Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser
  3. Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer
  4. Crabtree & Evelyn Natural Botanical Body Butter in avocado, olive oil, and basil (this body butters is super silky, by the way)
  5. Hempz herbal moisturizer (which smells so much better than it sounds)
  6. AETO Botanica bamboo and wild mango fortifying mask for hair
  7. Leaf + Rusher Acne Spot Treatment
  8. Leaf + Rusher Acne Serum
  9. Organic Wear Peachy Glow bronzer
  10. Tricia Sawyer Beauty Eye Slept
  11. Tarte Inside Out lip gloss powered by Borba, in Nirvana
  12. Clinique eye shaper for eyes in Brown Sugar
  13. Heart Stoppers Get a Grip shoe hearts (pop one of these on the bottom of your new high heels and prevent skidding—or slipping and falling, which is more my style)

Edited to add: PS guys, just a reminder that I’m not giving away any used products. They’re all never-been-used, never-been-touched (aside from desperately trying to remove any price stickers.)

The old rules still stand:

  • You can enter once a day until the contest ends
  • There are three ways to enter: Leave a comment, tweet about the contest (the link’s here:, or become a friend through Google Friend Connect
  • You can enter all three ways—or just one.
  • The contest will end Friday, Aug. 13. Yes, Friday the 13th. Be afraid.
  • I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Aug. 16.

In other news, Jessica at No. 28 is last week’s winner. Three cheers! Just send me your full name and address (e-mail me at and I’ll get your winnings out.

Beauty Winner 2

To enter you can leave any comment you want, but I understand that total freedom can sometimes make your mind go blank (or is that just me?), so here’s something to think about:

Name a trend you followed in childhood. I’ll go first: I wore those dangerous slap bracelets with pride. Because, of course, nothing says fashion like a piece of metal clothed in fuchsia leopard print fabric.

* Heck no, I didn’t try that thing.

** This is what happens when editors go to breakfast together.

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August 9, 2010   82 Comments

Totally Awesome Beauty Package, Take Two

Beauty Products 2

I have a very cute niece. I just thought you should know. I met her this weekend and, really, she’s on the ridiculously cute side. I’d say she’s perfect but word is that all the sleeping she did was just for show. Come midnight she’s wide awake and rearing to go till the sun comes up.

This leads me to believe one of two things. One, she has it out for her mom, who no longer understands what the word sleep even means. Or two, she’s a vampire. I’m going with one, but you just never know…

And also: I’ve hit 200 posts. I know that’s terribly boring for everyone except me, but I’m telling you anyway. (Because it’s my blog and I can do that sort of thing.) I’m not sure what thrill I was expecting to get out of hitting the 200 mark, but I’ll tell you what: it’s good to know I can stick at something 200 posts long.

In other news, someone won my first-ever Totally Awesome Beauty Contest. Before I reveal the mystery number, I thought you’d be interested in my Totally Awesome Beauty Contest, Part 2. That’s right: The fun continues.

This time, you can win a package of 11 products:

Philosophy The Fragrance eau de parfum
Trilogy botanical body wash
Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel
Pureology hair care sampler pack
Foot Petals strappy strips (to numb the ouch that comes with strappy shoes)
Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment
Madame Paulette professional stain remover kit
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Raisin
Benefit Eye Bright
Nars face powder in Venus
Benefit Silky Powder eye shadow in Soft Shoulder

The rules are the same. And because I care (always, you know) I’ll bullet point them for you:

  • You can enter once a day until the contest ends
  • There are three ways to enter: Leave a comment, tweet about the contest (the link’s here:, or become a friend through Google Friend Connect
  • You can enter all three ways—or just one.
  • The contest will end Friday, Aug. 6. I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Aug. 9. Happiness ensues.

So there you have it. Another contest. Another chance to win.

And speaking of winning, Random Number Generator says No. 75 gets the loot. (The comments went to 78 when I picked a winner last night.)


So, Deanna G., send an address to and I’ll mail you the goods.

Oh, by the way, any comment gets you an entry. But if you’re at a loss for what to say, tell me which actor or actress you can’t stand.

I’ll even go first—just to break the ice, you know. I can’t take David Caruso from CSI Miami. The way he takes his sunglasses off to punctuate each and every one-liner he says makes me want to throw a rock at my TV.

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August 2, 2010   43 Comments

My Life, The Pizza Hut Commerical Edition

Beach and rockphoto by kenziemc
How gorgeous is this shot? Love it. Wish I had taken it.

Holy moley. It’s basically August and I have yet to sit out in the sun or see an ocean or wear shorts. It’s a cryin’ shame.

Remember those days in school where you had to write about what you did on summer vacation? Yeah, me neither. I think that happens only in the movies or in Pizza Hut commercials. But anyway, my point is that if I ever got stuck in a Pizza Hut commercial and had to tell about this summer it’d be a snoozefest. It would go something like this:

I worked and then one weekend I went and got an eye exam and then we went to the office and it was neat. But then we went again and it was boring because we kept going all the time and I didn’t want to because it was so nice out. That’s why I wanted to go to the beach but we couldn’t. Then one time we went to The Man’s sister’s house because it was Fourth of July and there wasn’t fireworks but we didn’t care too much. Only we wish there were. This summer I got two nieces which were OK I guess but kinda boring because all they do is sleep and I wanted to play but their moms said no. Dumb. And then I went back to work and that’s all I do but I have to or else I don’t get allowance.

Yes, it’d be written like that because I’d be 7 and that’s how 7-year-old’s write.

Anyhow, take it from grown-up me, this summer has been kind of lame-o. Minus a couple trips, it’s basically been winter minus the snow. Sigh.

What’s a girl to do? Why, cram it all into one month, of course. Which is why I deem August the Great Month of Excitement And That Sorta Thing. I’m visiting my new niece this weekend, have next week off, dinner with a friend during the week—yes during the week, which is a big deal for this old lady—out-of-town friends visiting over the weekend, and a wedding the following Saturday. Jam-packed, and that’s only the first two weeks.

What ever will I do with the rest of the month? I have an idea.

Sleeping girlphoto by planetchopstick

Eh, I’m kidding. Sorta. I do love my sleep.

This may also be on the to-do list seeing as all of this peanut butter and jelly consumption has given me a big craving for veggies:

Capresephoto by fotoosvanrobin

And finally, August will continue my five weeks of giving you all free stuff. (Cue chorus of elated fans.)

On Monday, I’ll announce the winner of the first Totally Awesome Beauty Package Contest. Today’s your last chance to enter (here), so use it or lose it.

Also on Monday: I’ll reveal the next Totally Awesome Beauty Package Contest. The fun just won’t end.

And now a question for you: If you had plenty of disposable income and a month to spend it, where would you go on your summer vacation? What would you do? (To force you to get creative, here’s a rule: You can’t save the money or use it for practical things like groceries, a house, or car payments. That’s a bore.)

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July 30, 2010   20 Comments

A Confession

photo by ryantron

I’m going to admit something here, but first:

You can still enter to win 16 makeup, hair, and skin-care products in my Totally Awesome Beauty Package here. It’s open for entries until Friday, which means you have T minus 96 hours to mosey on over there and leave a comment, tweet about it, or become my friend (officially).

And also, the crazy end-of-times weather we’ve been having in Virginia left me without power last night. It’s always nice to have a reminder at just how terrible of a pioneer you’d actually have been.

So, there’s that.

Anyhow, my confession: I break the don’t-eat-after-6-even-if-you-haven’t-eaten-all-day-and-are-on-the-verge-of-passing-out rule. It’s quite the rule, I know. Not eating late night is, like, the golden rule of healthy eaters right? It’s what magazines tell you to do in order to Wittle Your Middle—Fast! or Drop Pounds In No Time.

Don’t hate me (or, um, do hate me, but don’t tell me), but that’s a load of baloney. I’m one of those crackpots who thinks a calorie is just as much a calorie at 11 a.m. as it is at 11 p.m.

For a very long time I figured that if I ate at, say, 8 p.m. I’d wake up a size larger. Don’t ask me how I assumed that worked. It just did.

Since The Man started his new job we’ve been getting home too late for that rule to apply. Unless, of course, I wanted to give up on food in general. Which I don’t. So after we do the gym thing and the making dinner thing it’s about 8:30 p.m. I know.


It’s not that bad. Sure, I basically zero free time before I head to bed and do it all over again. But the whole late-night dinner thing? Not bad at all. By the time I’m done eating dinner, I’m too full to mindlessly snack.

This sugar fiend doesn’t even eat dessert most nights. Yes, I just wrote that. And I’m not lying. See, before I started this late night eating thing, I’d finish my meal around 6 or 7 then have plenty of time to get hungry and fill up on all sorts of unnecessary yet delicious desserts.

Therefore the point of this long post is this: Eat late curse dessert cravings.

Or, you know, do what works for you.

When do you eat dinner? Do you set a cutoff point for nighttime eating?

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July 27, 2010   24 Comments

Totally Awesome Beauty Package Contest


Remember a couple weeks ago when I showed you guys my incredibly organized house and I heaved one ginormous sigh of relief because that’s the effect tidiness has on me?

Yeah, well, that’s all gone to crap. My living room is littered with boxes and bottles and piles and containers that are meant for organizing but aren’t serving their purpose. So, yeah, it’s a mess again.

And also, I’m out of pretty much all groceries and might be living off of almonds, dry cereal, and apples this week unless The Man braves the furnace that is Virginia air and hits up a grocery store.

You should know: I did it all for you. (Well, not the grocery part. That I did because a girl’s got to eat. And that girl just happens to have knees too banged-up to grocery shop.) But the mess, that I did for you. I went through all of my beauty products so I could share them with five lucky readers. (I think this goes without saying, but the products are all of the never-been-used variety.)

I’m giving away what I’ll now call a Totally Awesome Beauty Package every Monday for the next five weeks. Yes, you read that right. Every Monday. Five Mondays. Five giveaways. I’ve gone off the edge.

I know, you have a million questions, so I’ll answer them here:

Because I love you. And I love beauty products. And I wanted to share the love.

Are you giving away the same stuff every day? That’s lame.
I know, right? That’s why each day I’ll be giving away a new group of beauty products. I like to keep things exciting. For instance, the other day I brushed my teeth left-handed just to live on the wild side.

Can I enter just one day? That’s lame.
Stop calling my Totally Awesome Beauty Packages lame! It’s so not true. You can enter every single Monday. Or you can enter just one Monday and forget the rest. Whatever you feel like.

How do I win?
I’ll use a random number generator (I’m official like that) to pick one winner per day.

So, what exactly is in this Totally Awesome Beauty Package?
Well, I can’t give away the contents of the other four packages—that’ll happen on a day-by-day basis so as to A. provide suspense, and B. prevent this from becoming a crazy long post.

Today, you can win the following (all of which are pictured above):

Foot Petals Stilleto Survival Kit
DDF Dramatic Radiance TRF Cream
Calypso Mimosa body lotion
Kiehl’s Abyssine cream
Travel-sized Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash
Benefit pineapple face polish
Crabtree & Evelyn Skin Care lip conditioner with SPF 15
Mini Bill Blass eau de parfum
Travel-sized Oscar Blandi Sheer Gloss
Travel-sized Oscar Blandi Protein Mist for Restyling Hair
Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in Peony
Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes dual liner in Egyptian and Brightening Gold
Clinique Superbalm moisturizing gloss in Mango
Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Camel
Mally Eye Brush Kit

Who can enter?
Anyone with a U.S. mailing address. If you live outside the United States: I wish you could see my teary eyes saying sorry.

How do I enter?
There are three ways to enter. You can do all or just one—it’s up to you. (I’m so easygoing it kills me.)

  1. Leave a comment telling me which product you’re most excited to win. Or tell me your favorite marine animal. I don’t really care what you say—just leave a comment to get a number.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway, then come back and leave a comment telling me you did it. Because my goal is to make your life easier, here’s the link to this contest: Don’t forget to mention @notsuperhuman so I can see it. (And don’t forget to comment to tell me you tweeted about this; it’s the only way you’ll have a number for entry.)
  3. See that lonely little grid of friends on my left sidebar? Make it a little less anemic by joining the site. Then leave a comment letting me know you did that—the comment will serve as your number for the random drawing.

So can I just comment a million times a day for a week? I hate my job so I don’t mind doing it all day long?
Sorry your job sucks, but I’m limited this to three comments per person per day—one real comment, one for a tweet, and one for becoming a friend.

Do my comments on any of your posts count as an entry?
No, sorry. If you want this stuff, you’ll have to leave a comment right here.

When does this contest even end?
Today’s contest ends next Monday, August 2. That also happens to be when the next giveaway starts. It’s all fun all the time here at I’m (not) Superhuman. Just so you know.

Aaaand, go!

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July 26, 2010   81 Comments

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