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Cool/Not Cool

I’m going to be honest: I’m exhausted. And yes I understand I say that way too often. Take it up with my body. It’s the one that needs 10 hours of sleep to feel even mildly coherent.

I didn’t get much sleep last night. It was one of those nights where I tossed and turned and laid awake into the wee hours. (As an aside, this is the only instance I’m happy to be too blind to see the clock. Staring at the numbers and willing them to change is so third grade for me.) When I finally did fall asleep, it was one of those lightly dozing kind of rests where you wake up every so often to whatever noise is outside (ahem, pointless motorcycles that had to rev their engines over and over and over and over throughout the night).

So, yeah, it was cool that I got to bed at all. But very not cool that I awoke about a gazillion times during the night—and am still exhausted all day. Let’s go with that. Here are some other cool and really not cool things about my day:

Empty shower
photo by ken mccown

Cool: Showering. I think most people I interact with during the day would agree it makes working together much more pleasant. I’d agree.

Not cool: Stubbing my toe so hard on the metal ledge of my shower that it rips out my toenail from the root. Pain, pain, pain, pain. And more pain. I had a sliver of toenail removed in December because it was ingrown (did I mention I stub my toes a lot?) and just as the nail was starting to grow back I go and rip it right out. Oh the pain.

Journal black and whitephoto by soartsyithurts

Cool: Knocking out a ton of writing at work. I desperately don’t want to bring work home this weekend, so I’m trying to bust out all of my articles this week. So far so good.

Not cool: Um, nothing. I like checking things off my to-do list. (And yeah I added this to the list because after the toenail incident I need a “cool” item that doesn’t come with a “not cool.”)

Empty Fridgephoto by i are rowell

Cool: Getting Everyday Food magazine in the mail today. Honey-ricotta turnovers, I’ll be dreaming of you tonight.

Not cool: Reading Everyday Food when you’re starving and have no food in the fridge or cupboard. Forget you, honey-ricotta turnovers. Hello canned soup. Sigh.

Rain through windowphoto by alyssa l. miller

Not cool: The nonstop rain is making me feel like little knee elves are chiseling away the underside of my kneecap little by little. Ouch! One of them just got out the jackhammer and is letting it rip!

Cool: At least it’s not snowing. ’Nuf said.

24-Jack Bauer
photo from john griffiths

Cool: 24. Jack Bauer is cooler than cool. (And for any 24 fans, here’s my favorite Jack Bauerism: The only reason you’re conscious right now is because Jack Bauer doesn’t want to carry you.)

Not cool: Waiting another week to find out if a major character dies (please let it be Freddie Prince Jr.) and whether New York City explodes. That last one was a joke—Jack Bauer always saves the day.

Banana breadphoto by sifu renka
Yup, I realize this is the only somewhat cheery or colorful photo on this post. I must be melancholy.

Cool: Discovering banana bread mix in my cupboard and whipping up a batch.

Not cool: Forgetting the eggs.

Cool: Hey, vegan box mix banana bread is pretty good. Go me.

And on that note, I’m off to have a cool Tuesday. I hope.

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1 FoodFitnessFreshair { 03.16.10 at 9:03 am }

That sounds like my sleep last night…frustrating…but the weather is clearing up!


2 Estela @ Weekly Bite { 03.16.10 at 10:30 am }

I with you on the sleep thing! Sleep is golden!

I love Everyday Food! I look forward to getting it every month!


3 Gelareh @ Nutritious Foodie { 03.16.10 at 10:44 am }

I have been exhasted lately too… 2010 has been an on the run year so far… I need a few days OFF from everything… and just rest to get back to my energized person…or I think that’s what i need.

When I was younger (much much younger) I used to think Freddie JR is cute.. now I find his face expression super annoying.


4 theemptynutjar { 03.16.10 at 10:49 am }

I like this post.
- i don’t watch 24, but that pic of Kiefer is neat-o
- banana bread,…yes , please
- exhausted …yep and i do nothing….wtf?…and i wake up every hour during the nite….


5 gio { 03.16.10 at 11:02 am }

too many of those nights right now. need to trust. it’s hard.


6 Yum Yucky { 03.16.10 at 11:26 am }

oh gawsh. you gave yourself some self-inflicted magazine reading torture. but as for to-do lists? I wrote mine out real pretty and thoughtful with all the things I’d get done today. and then forgot the list at home. aargh!!


7 Andrea @ { 03.16.10 at 11:42 am }

Hahaha, you are seriously cracking me up with every post!! I love your wit and look forward to each and every mini-essay you write. Seriously.
Cool: Reading your blog and laughing, agreeing, and admiring your intelligent and insightful humor.
Not Cool: Reading your blog and then looking at my own. Damn you talented writer!!!


Tracey Reply:

Thanks, Andrea. That was nice of you! And for that:

Cool: Reading your blog and drooling over all of the amazing and perfect food you make. Like crazy adorable cupcakes.
Not cool: My cooking skills.


8 Ameena { 03.16.10 at 12:28 pm }

So sorry about your toe! I am cringing in sympathy right now.

You are such an awesome writer. I am pretty jealous you get to write for a living!


9 Annie { 03.16.10 at 1:32 pm }

Cool: Finding your blog, lovin’ it!
Not cool: We both had crappy sleep last night.
Hope your day gets better!


Tracey Reply:

Annie–Glad you’re lovin’ it. I love hearing that! :)


10 Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly { 03.16.10 at 2:21 pm }

Cool: enjoying the fruits of your cleaning labor with a freshly mopped gorgeous kitchen floor!

Not Cool: It’s raining today and the dog tracking in muddy dog-prints all over that gorgoeus WHITE floor!


Tracey Reply:

Kelly, that just depresses me. Nothing is better than clean floors (ok, maybe sleep; but after that: cleanliness). All that work….


11 Stef { 03.16.10 at 3:33 pm }

OMG OUCH the toenail! i had that happen to me once (soccer) and damn it was painful. feel better, rest up!


12 Diane Fit to the Finish { 03.16.10 at 3:38 pm }

My son did something similiar to his toenail once and practically ripped it off! Definitely not cool!


13 The Paris Food Blague { 03.16.10 at 3:41 pm }

bush policy justifying, right wing propaganda…..not cool

but that jb quote! so cool!!!


14 Fit Chick in the City { 03.17.10 at 7:17 am }

Hopefully you’ll be getting the sunshine the rest of the world has. We had 4 gloomy days in a row and finally sunshine yesterday.


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